Nathalia Torres

Yvonne Anduray

- Director - 
- MKT Director - 

"The key is to let one be surprised by the ordinary, the natural and common things."

“The best advertising is done by satisfied customers" - Philip Kotler

Alejandra Coto

-  Interior Designer - 

Bárbara Cruz

- Architect - 

Alexia Guevara

-  Interior Designer

Natalia Carballo

- Interior Designer - 

Our process

Design born natural.

1st Meeting


-Custom Plan

The first part of our design phase consists on gathering information and inspiration to establish the design brief. Moreover, internally we undergo a process based on a target group analysis plus research on the market. Price levels and material knowledge, define design specifications for our products and environments.

fabysalmeronphoto-7786 (1).jpg


Space, color and shape.

2nd Meeting

-3D views and renderings


Workshops are a natural part of the studio, based on the selected design specifications, concepts are developed. At this point we work iteratively between sketches, mood boards, 3D modelling and prototypes, to approach the design from different perspectives.


Beautiful details.

3rd Meeting

-Furniture details


The last phase is the product maturation phase where we define specifications and details that will contribute to the manufacturer. We highly value the whole of the design, details and quality.