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KIERO, our furniture venture funded in 2021 is the embodiment of our inherent nature.


Kiero, Inata’s sister brand, has the same mission of promoting minimalism and to eliminate consumerism. Our pieces are inspired by “biomimicry”, mimicking the beauty and functionality of nature in every design. 


Join us on this journey of authenticity and simplicity with KIERO, and let us rediscover the beauty and simplicity of what it truly means to be human.

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FLUENTA flows with movement and light. Inspired by the fluidity of life after the pandemic, she captures the essence of transformation and sensory exploration. 

Our furniture pieces incorporate light to transform your space and awaken your senses.  We invite you to embrace change, and let the fluidity of our designs uplift your soul and light up your world.

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In a world saturated by excess a collection conscious of having less is born. Because less is more,  more moments and less ornaments.

I want nature and balance.

I want form and functionality with poise.

I want an aware and sustainable world,

I want only what I need. 

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Enlighten your  life

A  combination of  organic and electric  shapes

"I want a functional design and composition of light."

"I want to create a calm and neutral space." 

A different way to enlight your spaces. Lightning can bring hability and enriche a room's ambience. 




Space, color and shape.

Versatile and comfortable furniture

"I want a unique space and furniture with personality."

"I want functional and sustainable furniture."

We believe that an exceptional design is better conceived when is created from within your feelings.



Beautiful details.

Every detail in  your  space matters.

"I want a space that gives me balance and harmony."

"I want a  space that inspires me." 

Let your space reflect who you are taking care of every detail in it.



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Get in touch with us and tell us about your projects, we are glad to help.

Final pasaje #11 Calle Circunvalación, frente a The Green House, San Benito, San Salvador, El Salvador.
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